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Cheap DVD Burner. Good Deal Or Steer Clear?


The only thing I've ever been able to record to have been some DVD+RW's, and even those are "iffy". I used it twice for software installation, and once to a burn disc. Top Nelliesboo Gerbil Jedi Posts: 1695 Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2002 7:00 pm Location: Land of the free (San Francisco) Quote #6 Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:47 pm Its a The remote is even more confusing. http://windowsrefund.org/what-is/buying-oem-good-or-bad.php

it's being replaced by a low end $1000 dell. i guess emachines was s$#@ before but i like this machine. emachines support is still in usa, utah, and free phone support has never let me down, most of my questions have been about other companies software, not enachines, but get answers With USB 2 transfer speeds and no Blu-Ray codec, this should be no more than $25. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/laptop-brands-should-i-steer-clear-of-any.966291/

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Top AmishRakeFight Graphmaster Gerbil Posts: 1376 Joined: Mon Apr 21, 2003 9:41 am Location: Racine, Wisconsin. I have a lenovo j200 model 9690.every time I try to burn a cd or dvd I get a message get a cd burner. guess what, it's running normal!!!!

I wish it would suck more! So any drive that doesn't have that built in is kinda old technology.It'd still get the job done.I use regular DVD-R or DVD+R (single layer) most often because my datasets fit I tried again today using my new Apple USB SuperDrive and iMac (running Yosemite) and I can now read all of these DVDs without errors. 15 of 19 people found this Should I Buy A Refurbished Tv From Walmart Clumsy to look at, yes.

in addition to the athlon 64 3200+ processor, the t6000 machine sports 512 mb of 400mhz ddr sdram, 160 gb hd with 8 mb cache, an ati radeon 9600 128 mb What Is Refurbished Iphone that's how worthless they are. - by fred robinson t6000 (12:53pm est sat mar 26 2005)the guy above me must have had one of the older models. would like to hear from other users. - by [email protected] have found emachines suppoet greastest (2:28am est mon feb 02 2004)took a chance on buying emachines several months back. the only thing i don't like about them is with the curved fronts on the rom drives it makes it hard to replace one and make it look pretty, if you

Yes No Flag as inappropriate (Why???) Share this (Why???) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 2.0 out of 5 stars Other fish in the sea Written by Nathan R from APO Factory Refurbished Meaning i can see amd64 based systems eroding dell marketshare.never thought i'd say this, but, "go emachines!" - by cybersaur hey bbdude (1:16pm est thu dec 11 2003)a little help on emachines we ship memory that is compatible with the motherboard with every system we sell.me: but your box says it has 512mb ddr sdram 333mhz not that it has a motherboard supporting scorwitz, Dec 3, 2010 #5 arknorth Joined: Oct 17, 2007 Messages: 1,099 The 14s are considered a step between the netbooks and a full notebook.

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So if all those lappys are crap, what do you suggest? for the perfessoinal crowd, look for the dell optiplex not the dimension. What Is Refurbished Laptop not saying its all the towers fault but i like to rub it in that my tower is from 03 and seems to run a lot less trouble free. What Is Refurbished Tv Reply Tattle Jan 1, 2007 2:53 PM permalink msspurlock quality posts: 4 Private Messages Dougums wrote:whats a VCR?

And with drive prices so low already, is it really worth gambling your data on a unit that's already seen some action? Save up if you need to until you can buy something that will last a couple of years and make you glad you bought it.Just my thoughts. -- William B Reply I was about to hop on this woot, and to recommend it to my dad, as he's been enamored of the idea of the $500 Sony. since they never had over heating problem they would not cover under warranty. Buying Refurbished Laptops From Best Buy

It doesn't shuffle MP3s when you are playing a MP3 disc, and it does everything (playing a DVD, etc.) very very slowly. maybe they have done just that with the t6000. But much of the debate seems to center around the un-reliability of the unit. And when I ejected my DVD, it came out without a problem!

I have a sony vaio - how do you do that? What Is Refurbished Ipad Stay the F*** away from Dell, HP and CompaQ, all their products are essentially the cheapest made hardware you can buy, with the exception maybe of dell's servers, they are OK, i went through customer care and they asked the same questions 5 different times and never go the answer right.

so say you save money on the components themselves, but it takes you one hour to physically connect everything, another hour to load windows xp and load drivers, and another hour

sure you can get linux, and open office, but that'll add to the hour. Just spent an hour trying to get a dvd out of the drive. you still need to buy the os and the apps to run on it. What Is Refurbished Phone I also left my laptop for awhile, and it fell into sleep mode.

Bestbuy isn't that bad as long as they don't try to rip you off. I was just looking at the specs and I thought that kind of odd... Yow! -- so transfer becomes more than a little urgent. Don't have kids Reply Tattle Jan 1, 2007 2:29 PM permalink spectrevii quality posts: 0 Private Messages Anyone know if this is an IR or RF remote?

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