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Cache Comparison


Although you're just calling stored procs, so kinda. (I'm probably going to write a custom NHibernate L2 cache adapter for it soon.) Customizable: None, unless you feel like forking the project Thanks for also sharing your PHP code! Storing data in the database will be slower than storing it on file as its adds up extra layer and extra processing. Kim, S.

APC). Short description from CLOCK-Pro paper: cpp is a GNU C compiler pre-processor trace. This leads people to draw wrong impressions (in this case with memcached and MySQL). 2) Why didn't you use prepared statements? 3) You are accessing MySQL via, are you sure For the raw data, see benchmark-result/3ptySpeed.dat. http://ctigeek.net/cache-comparison-memcached-vs-sql-server-wait-what/

What Is Memcached

Starting in April, if the JAR file is signed with MD5, Oracle will treat...