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Computer Build. Need Help Finding The Right Parts.


Generally, the more of these features you require on the motherboard, the larger in size and price they become, so keep that in mind as you ponder. Here is a guide that will steer you to the right PSU, while helping you learn as much or as little as you would like along the way.http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/324368-28-computer-power-supplies-guideLinked from that guide Thanks. dante slyOct 26, 2008, 9:07 PM Is a retention bracket a huge deal. http://windowsrefund.org/how-to/build-rebuild-2-computers.php

Good gaming processors range from $200 up to $1000. 2 Choose a gaming motherboard. This is a list of the best: JonnyGuru HardOCP Hardware Secrets If you still want to learn more about PSUs, you should start here.This masterful PSU tutorial is worth an hour Two important checks to make are: Check that your graphics card can fit into the case as some of the high end cards can be fairly large. The gains to be had are LARGE and the risk is far less than it once was.

How To Choose Pc Parts 2016

Personally, I think the very first question in building a computer should be "What am I going to use it for"? Some programs can utilize multiple cores at once, making them extremely efficient with multi-core CPUs, but also multitask well since they can carry out multiple sets of instructions simultaneously.At the time Other popular brands include ASUS, ZOTAC, and Sapphire.The Hard Drive(s) When it comes to specs, there are a few things you want to look for in your drives:Size: Obviously, you want

Minimally a motherboard will include a socket to hold your Processor, memory slots for your RAM, a chipset (forms the interface between Processors front side bus, main memory, and peripheral buses Step Two: What Games do you Play? Top CPU heatsinks. Build A Gaming Pc The SATA bus runs at 3.0Gb/second, which makes it much faster than the ancient IDE bus.

Make sure you aren't paying extra just for some fancy port you will never use. How To Choose The Right Parts For A Gaming Computer Both have a few different socket configurations which they use for their CPUs, and these change throughout the years. I didn't have a huge budget, so the configuration I chose was the best I could find for the money I had. It is usually quieter.

Just like any electronic device, the processor is the brain of a gaming PC. How To Choose Pc Parts 2015 December 13, 2008 JacksonComputerExpert You know, the AMD Boxed Athlon X2 Dual-Core 3.1GHZ is cheaper. Is that going to be (if it all works together) a good and fast computer once it's all put together? Step Two: What Games do you Want to Play?

How To Choose The Right Parts For A Gaming Computer

My personal big list of all the parts is badly out of date, but includes a nice list of online retailers for several countries:http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/269620-31-listTecmo34's list of parts, including complete builds at http://newbcomputerbuild.com/newb-computer-build/how-to-build-a-gaming-pc-2016-step-by-step-guide/ It is able to use a small SSD drive as a HDD cache, speeding up performance. How To Choose Pc Parts 2016 If it is not in the name of the board, you could also look at a motherboard description/details either from the re-seller or manufacturer. Build A Pc Online September 22, 2011 dell cheap computer It's a blog with full of latest and spectecular informations - This blog has helped me to gain much more information I would like to

Again using the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard as an example, let's see how this looks. http://windowsrefund.org/how-to/computer-mesed-up.php You will want to look at your Graphics Card power requirements before choosing the power supply. Simply plug in your hardware details and the calculator will spit out an estimated wattage requirement (trying to also compensate for overclocking and perhaps future hardware upgrades). **The power supply should Then go through everything else you may need such as at least one PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot for at least one graphics card (or two slots for two cards), enough Gaming Pc Builder

But i don't know how . Obviously checking the reviews for each component is necessary, but you want to get some opinions on the overall configuration. If the processor acts as the brain, the motherboard serves as its nervous system, distributing all the commands the processor sends to all the components. navigate to this website Firstly, we headed over to the manufacturer's website, and went to the ‘support and downloads' section for the particular board of interest.

Having a dedicated graphics card offers additional dedicated graphics memory, which can relieve some of the stress of your system's RAM if you are running with onboard graphics. Build A Pc Reddit solved PC parts choosing, Please help ? Look for good reviews and bad reviews, and look for trends throughout.

Use this power supply calculator to find the necessary wattage for your build, once you’ve picked out the other parts.

They’ve also got a great advanced search engine that helps you narrow down your choices considerably, which makes the whole process a lot less overwhelming. I want to have a AMD 1.8 GhZ Dual Core Processor, a 2GB RAM , a 160GB HDD and 512MB Graphic Card Card On Board. A CD with a PE installation can have you surfing the net VIRUS PROOF! Custom Pc Builder More resources Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark Norway Finland Russia France Turkey Germany UK Italy USA Subscribe to Tom's Hardware Search the site Ok About

You don't have to follow it strictly, but it can be a good place to start from. You should pick your motherboard based on what peripherals you expect to be using with your Gaming PC and what you may want to add in the future. Still a very good choice, especially if a price is much better than similar Z68 board.- Intel H67 The new LGA 1155 chipset for those that want the built-in graphics of http://windowsrefund.org/how-to/computer-updated.php It is able to OC but is ALSO able to support the built-in graphics of SB CPUs.

Since then I've built countless machines and, whilst it's good to know a bit about what's going on, there really isn't that much to it. Linux, however, is a different story. Terms you Should Know (For a Gaming Motherboard): CPU Socket Type: This is the socket type for the type of Processor you have chosen. Does NOT support the graphics built in to those CPUs.

This creates more heat and wears the CPU more but yields more CPU performance Don't feel like this is essential, as you can sometimes even get a better rig for the Here the main question is how much power is enough power? If you choose to go SSD, try to get a motherboard that supports SATA 6Gb/s, which will take full advantage of those speeds.Brands to Watch For: Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, and The extra bandwidth might not be needed, but since these are more deluxe boards they can be worth a look.AMD 970, 870Will normally have just one PCI-E slot and no onboard

Within those categories, you’ll then want to look at clock speed to determine how fast that processor is. How Hyper-Threading Works (and When You Want It In Your PC) How The main concern here is what sort of hardware will you need in order to play said Game at X frames per second at what resolution. Internal 3.5” drive bays are for hard drives, external 3.5” drive bays are for card readers, and external 5.25” drives are for optical drives (and other stuff). April 9, 2009 Robert Reed update; it is all new and has no os installed.

If you do, then you should spend the money to get a good card. What is "Memory or RAM" In a desktop PC, memory aka. Does it have a DVI port? This is folly.

Just make sure that you are buying one for a relatively cheap price and that the motherboard supports the optical drives interface (for example: SATA). This will determine which type of motherboard you need as CPUs come in a few different socket types (the port on the motherboard where you plug in the CPU). Most likely it'll be either DDR3 or DDR4 but be sure to check the motherboard's supported memory modules list which is usually provided on the manufacturer's website. This list will show which Reviews on the net are rarely useful, either, with the exception of a few reputable sites like Jonnyguru.com.

Capacity: This is how much space your hard drive can actually hold. When the processor needs to read / write to the main memory it will first check the cache for the data. thanx!! The more advanced features you need, the larger the motherboard will need to be, which will also determine the size of your case (and final machine).

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