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Bitcomet - Automatically Stop Finished Downloads?


Por favor LEER ESTO antes de preguntar, Please READ THIS berfore asking Por favor LEER ESTO antes de preguntar La siguiente información básica es Esencial, para poder ayudarle con cualquier duda/pregunta. if your current download folder is D:\BitComet Downloads then make sure you move BitComet Downloads on the D:\ partition of the new computer. Adding BitComet to your software firewall permits BitComet to send outgoing traffic (and replies to it) through the firewall to the Internet. Read more about BC Links.【Only v1.16 and older versions support BC Links for downloading a .torrent file】 Open Torrent from URL…: Allows you to download and open a .torrent file from

What do the icons next to the tasks mean? Do not try to use this on systems with Vista OS or above. Configuration and User Settings Up-to-Date BitComet Speed Guide BitDave's BitComet Settings Guide I use a router. Checking this option makes all web browser HTTP/FTP task download by Bitcomet always. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/bitcomet-automatically-stop-finished-downloads.75072/

Best Bitcomet Settings

Clipboard Integration Capture URL in clipboard: checked by default. Task schedule Maximum number of concurrent downloading HTTP/FTP tasks: 10 by default. B: If you use a software firewall, follow the steps below Open your firewall's Program Configuration/Control. What's going on and how can I fix this?

No. task.detect_file_missing(Since v1.26): \\Set to “true” by default. bittorrent.hash_check_on_finished: False by default. How To Restore Bitcomet Download List Note: This operation is not necessary anymore for v.1.23 and above as BitComet can now import unfinished downloads from any client.

BitComet normally manages the cache automatically, but you may change its behavior by modifying the settings. How To Increase Bitcomet Download Speed Set your GMUB back to the 80% that we recommend, then shut down and restart BitComet, and your speed will come back to normal. (“Now calmly think about supposed leechers for Peers, seeds, torrent, tracker, DHT, Peer Exchange (PEX), Magnet Links; what are all these things? http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_options Mirror is not included.

Enable Anti-Leech: “Auto” by default. Bitcomet Port Blocked What is the encryption option in BitComet and what effects does it have on the the way the client is operating? This isn't to say that the respective device is a bad one per se (it will probably work OK in most other situations), it's just not fit for handling BitTorrent traffic. Do this until you get to a value of 500-800 and if nothing goes wrong stop there.

How To Increase Bitcomet Download Speed

Similar Topics Bad Downloads With BitComet Feb 7, 2007 Downloads stop Apr 23, 2009 Stop programs from automatically adding Tasks to Scheduler? additional hints If after doing all the above your problem still isn't solved, then it means that the culprit here is probably the UDP transport protocol. Best Bitcomet Settings Default types: .zip; .rar; .iso; .exe; .asf; .avi; .mp3; .mpg; .rm; .rmvb; .wmv; .wma; .msi Add “Download with BitComet” to IE Context Menu: Checked by default. Bitcomet Not Downloading HTTP/FTP HTTP/FTP Start BT download after downloading torrent file: Checked by default.

If you set a fixed value for this option, when the download rate is less than the set value, a new task (only subject to the order in the task list All my other Internet applications either slow down or say they can't connect when I use BitComet. This is where your firewall controls which applications are allowed to access your network and/or Internet. network.start_connect_interval_ms: 200ms by default. Bitcomet Failed To Load Task List

There are three options available: every week, every month and every season. What should I do? Why do some BT tasks' progress revert to 99.9% from 100% when their download is finished? When BitComet is running my router/modem reboots itself or freezes.

Feb 21, 2013 netgear DG834GT & bitcomet help.... Bitcomet Port Detection Failed What is DHT and how can I enable DHT network? In short, what this does for you is allowing you to use multiple devices in your personal home LAN (Local Area Network), while having/paying only for one single public IP address

But for some low-configuration PC users, this may cause system not to respond for a few minutes.

Tick this option BitComet will start automatically when you login Windows. For those who aren't sure, use “Auto-detect” first, this allows your client to receive more connections, but may lead to lower encryption. There are many reasons why posts are not answered. 1. Bitcomet Sign In If that's is not an option for you at present time, then there are some measures you could try to contain this.

By default, this is set to be True. Shutdown when Everything Completes: shuts the computer down when all currently active tasks are completed. The Torrent History may have all of your previously downloaded torrents, unless you disabled this feature or deleted that torrent from the history list… Select the torrents that existed as tasks Stop the running tasks and change the download directory for any of the tasks, to another folder.

Close the application/process that is using the file. I ask that NO questions be asked in this thread. The tags menu can be reached via the Tags menu entry of the context menu of any task and also by clicking on the button on the task properties General page Show confirm dialog for following operations Delete Task only: Checked as default.

Setting this value to a conservative value, such as 5 will limit the max number of new entries which BitComet can create through UDP, in the NAT table of your router, Status Bar: Show/Hide BitComet user interface Status bar. The following basic information is Essential, in order to be able to help you with any concern/question. Vă mulţumim pentru cooperare.

When you install a new version of BC over the old version, it keeps all of the old settings including this one. ) When BC starts up again it tries to Frequently Asked Questions Understanding BitComet What is BitComet? Scheduler Settings: Set your high speed and low speed download and upload rate limits respectively. Scheduler Enable scheduler: Unchecked by default.

Advanced bittorrent.anti_leech_min_byte: Anti-leech: The minimum amount of data (in bytes) a connected peer has to transfer to the local peer (myself) in a certain interval (set in the next option). Move Down: Select a tag and click to move it one position down in the tags list. If after all of this, and your issue still remains we suggest you upgrade to the last BitComet version. What's going on and how can I fix this?

For Windows Firewall only users: People who use Windows XP SP-2 firewall need to make sure exceptions are allowed. Add it into your firewall's exception rules. It's recommended to check this option.

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