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Can Files Become Fragmented Even When The Hardrive Is Off?


For example, I have 8GB of ram with a 256GB SSD. Is this possible?i may try defragging the old hdd and cleaning it up before re-cloning (as i still have it).Running Win 8.11tb HGST HDD (new one)500gb WD Blue HDD (old)intel i7 Regards Pieter Strobos Pieter Strobos January 20th, 2013 @08:38 am Reply +2 Fab article. For example, a single infrequently used Microsoft Office document is unlikely to have an impact on overall system performance. check my blog

We can assume two things - you have possibly completely lost the point of defragmenting your hard drive, but, on the other hand, you may have found a perfect new entertainment To optimize locked files, see the upcoming section on defragmentation tricks. The study showed that a pc with a 10% defragmentation could expect a 1-2% performance increase by defragging. thanks guys! 7 answers Last reply Aug 5, 2014 Best Answer Aug 1, 2014 More about defrag hdd fkrJul 30, 2014, 10:40 AM that is weird. http://superuser.com/questions/181503/why-is-my-hard-drive-still-fragmented-after-i-run-defraggler

Disk Still Fragmented After Defrag

Basically, it comes down to how much engineering you want to do. SFS processes the defragmentation feature in almost completely stateless way (apart from the location it is working on), so defragmentation can be stopped and started instantly.[23] ADFS, the file system used Support.microsoft.com (2011-08-23). The result is an effectively self-defragmenting filesystem.

I would like to purchase the Defrag option. In fact, the same is true of the Windows registry files and the event logs. Split I/O can occur naturally as a result of operations on large files, but in general is indicative of fragmentation. Fragmented Hard Drive Symptoms In summary, the page file is an essential part of Windows.

October 12, 2012 r …18 gb of ram & two SSD's (256gb) but I still keep a small 1024 page file, probably never use it but I don't care October 12, The actual number of page file writes is relatively small on machines with adequate memory and Windows 7 is quite intelligent with memory management. Windows will try to move data you aren’t using to the page file. why not try these out Instead of using a simple FIFO queue for writing files, the operating system looks for the first available chunk of space that will fit the ENTIRE file.

For small environments, you will likely find the use of standalone defragmentation software to be sufficient. Disk Fragmentation On Windows 7 Have also heard I should run a registry cleaner before defragging. I ran a full antispyware scan of the system, but limited its file scanning to the My Documents folder. For example, the Windows 9x defragmenter included the Intel Application Launch Accelerator which optimized programs on the disk by placing the defragmented program files and their dependencies next to each other,

Hard Drive Fragmentation Percentage

they say using ccleaner over n over can degrade performance does this have the same effect? However, I have to use my older and outdated version of Auslogics Defragmenter because every time I try to update to the new version, I get a pop up message that Disk Still Fragmented After Defrag We also need to consider Solid State Drives (SSD's) too! System Drive Needs Optimization Windows 10 Issues TechNet Magazine 2007 November 2007 November 2007 The Desktop Files: The Truth about Defragmentation The Desktop Files: The Truth about Defragmentation The Desktop Files: The Truth about Defragmentation Windows Administration:

You can use the Optimize Drive tool below to do a general optimization of the drive, including sending the TRIM command to optimize performance. click site A more recent example is how if you run a memory benchmark on Via's Nano CPU you get significantly different results depending on whether or not the Via CPU is identifying Statisticians are really just a form of math nerd. In doing so, NTFS will allocate space from the general storage area to the MFT. Hard Drive Gets Fragmented Quickly

Personally I would think that if files were rarely changing (more readings than writes) that it would be easier on your drive to fragment once and then read the files back I'm rather skeptical that any such studies even exist. Just curious... http://windowsrefund.org/hard-drive/cannot-modify-files-on-ext-drive.php Your options are to use the defragmenter built into Windows or to look into third-party options.

Loading a large Word document took 17.7 seconds with the baseline image, but took over 50.9 seconds on the high fragmentation image (+187%). Defragment Hard Drive Windows 10 Fortunately I had a friend who lived in the general area whose couch I could crash on.ANYWAY, I think that's kind of the key here... Final result: 66.3Total performance increase? 0.990% Similar to your results, a drop of 5% fragmenation showed about 1% increase in performance..Hope this helps.Grif Flag Permalink This was helpful (0) Back to

Different Figures Here..

They are just as likely to have fragmentation as a physical spindle, and in many senses may be worse due to size constraints. So you can't even really trust your perception of how long things took before defragmenting. Chrome vs. Disk Defragmentation I would like to know why the last few versions of Auslogics Defragmenter no longer support the smaller screens such as my 10" netbook (screen resolution: 1024 X 600) ?

Some files will be in hundreds of fragments to a dramatic enough degree that playback of video files will actually skip. You can never have too large a pagefile; the OS will simply use what it needs. The link below isn't a bad set of testing results either.. http://windowsrefund.org/hard-drive/can-t-use-hard-drive-and-hd-enclosure-to-get-files-off-hd-win-xp.php In Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Microsoft included a defragmentation tool based on Diskeeper[13] that made use of the defragmentation APIs and was a snap-in for Computer Management.

Low—Not really likely. See the results below:Computer 1:Total Fragmentation: 10%File Fragmentation: 19 %Computer 2:Total Fragmentation: 13%File Fragmentation: 26%Computer 3:Total Fragmentation: 1%File Fragmentation: 2%Computer 4:Total Fragmentation: 10%File Fragmentation: 20%I defrag every couple of months on Auslogics Disk Defrag lets you set the program not to show your SSD drive in the list of drives to prevent accidentally launching defragmentation for it. On average there was a slight drop in performance between the defragmented high image and the baseline, but in general the performance between the two images is roughly comparable.

To test the applications at different levels of fragmentation, I ran my tests on the same system but with different images. All swap activity will go there with no latency (and yes, there still IS swap activity with 16G thanks to Microsoft's shi tty memory management.) I put the system temp dir more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Having a page file won’t slow down your computer – but if your computer is using its page file a lot, you should probably get some more RAM.

First, since no two systems are fragmented in exactly the same way, it would not be possible to test different levels of fragmentation with naturally fragmented systems. JFS has the defragfs utility on IBM operating systems.[21] HFS Plus introduced in 1998 with Mac OS 8.1 has a number of optimizations to the allocation algorithms in an attempt to Did you check after it was done? Thanks al salazar Says: August 22nd, 2016 at 11:48 pm defrag is pointless now!

The information captured in MFT records is called attributes, and includes such information as the name of the file, its security descriptors, and its data. But if you run a large organization or want to optimize your systems in ways that defrag may not provide by default, you may still need to license third-party software. This happens even with a relatively empty disk and gets certain with a fuller drive. I found the performance impact of fragmentation on anti-virus scanning ranged from 112% to 340%.

Files required for the test were then copied to the disk, which resulted in fragmentation corresponding to the different types of images. This test produced a particularly unusual result, because there was more than sufficient contiguous space on the disk for the 500 MB of files, but yet some files were still fragmented and/or other countries.Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. Trick #6: You don't need to wait for defragmentation to finish Although with modern defragmenters like Auslogics Disk Defrag you can continue using your PC while defragmentation is running, it is

Please refer to our CNET Forums policies for details. Come across a suggestion to replace the Windows defragmenter with one from AusLogic or something like that. Btrfs: Automatic defragmentation, scrubbing, performance improvements".

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