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Computer Rebooting Randomly(possibly Video Card?)


One Lombard Street, Suite 200, San Francisco California 94111. Most of the manufactures will have their own diagnostic tools. Thats life huh!PD: I have read a post in a forum with a very similar problem, please read it and see if you can return me any useful information from it: im downloading the gpu-z and core temp programs now so ill check the temps. click site

After talking to a friend of mine that knows a lot about computers he said that it is likely that it is a motheboard issue, and told me to RMA it. Is it simply a faulty card? If not, then if it is covered by warranty, send for RMA. Created by Anand Khanse.

Computer Keeps Restarting After Installing New Graphics Card

Although it could still be, but I'll address that later. The controller also went crazy and just started vibrating for ages, since me colliding with another car effectively took ½ a min or something like that All in all it's pretty Its so highly unlikely, that I have to check all other possibilities first.

It's exactly like you're saying, I'll be playing a graphically intensive game and at random times *click* everything instantly dies, and after a second or two the PC automatically boots back Updated your Driver recently? Was this page useful? Computer Restarts When Playing Games While playing the game, everything works fine, on ultra settings, with no overheating (max temp. 70).

Why does cout print "2 + 3 = 15" in this snippet of code? Graphics Card Causing Computer To Restart Keep them on-screen so you can see what the temperatures are; check frequently while doing whatever you normally do to cause the problem. BlueScreenView? http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2220757/computer-rebooting-random-buying-gtx-760-graphics-card.html I have a three year warranty on both items so if there is anything wrong they should be able to replace it.

Since then it did not restart. Graphics Card Shuts Down Computer Now im scared, i did not see the pins bent at any time (i inspected the cpu very VERY carefully before bringing it) and im afraid he might just send them Hard drive: Next we have to test the Hard Drive condition. And it seems like it was.

Graphics Card Causing Computer To Restart

I am a first time builder but I did everything very carefully and watching/reading a lot of guides while in the process. http://www.pcgamer.com/why-does-my-pc-reboot-while-playing-a-game/ i did a reformat with the installation of the new gpu and psu and started fresh and only have a couple programs installed (diablo3, nvidia control panel, wow, and steam). Computer Keeps Restarting After Installing New Graphics Card If you have recently attempted to add a new hardware device, remove that device to make sure it is not causing your issues. Gpu Causes Reboot Drove me crazy, i spent months trying to solve it.

share|improve this answer answered Jun 16 '15 at 5:24 har00n86 48110 You can accept your own answer. get redirected here Session stopped when again it all slowed to a crawl and I had to close the game via the task manager. Computer freezes or reboots due to Hardware issues RAM: To find out if it’s specific to hardware, download Memtest86+ ISO Image and burn it to a disk. You may also consider getting a cooling pad, if you find your laptop is getting hot often. Graphics Card Keeps Crashing And Recovering

Also, i just put my old card and driver back in, and i dont have the problem. Click the Properties option. If you have updated drivers and removed any hardware that could be causing this issue and the random reboots continue to occur, it's possible that the memory is bad in the navigate to this website In the end, I bought an NVidia card and never had the issue again.My best guess is either a bad chip on the board (Gl finding/fixing that) or some compatibility issue

If activating a previous restore point does not work, or there are no restore points available to activate, you'll likely need to reinstall Microsoft Windows. Disable Automatic Restart On System Failure So I will, maybe later today or early tomorrow, but i already uninstalled the components of the motherboard and packaged the motherboard back. If it's the second, I would suspect you'll see something in Event Viewer which will help you to debug it.

Sometimes has problems rebooting.

I took the graphics card out and started up the computer. I'll let you know if the new PSU has fixed my problem or not.The only other thing I can think of (aside from the new GPU itself even thought it only Skip to Main Content Search Help Tips Dictionary History Forums Contact You are here: Help > Operating System > Microsoft Windows Help Windows restarts without warning Tip: This document is for How To Check If Psu Is Failing Is there a root language from which multiple Forgotten Realms languages were derived?

Unless you know what you're doing, even an unplugged PSU can be very dangerous to service, because it stores a charge. GTX 760 at its limits. A virus could be to blame, sure, so do make sure you've got up-to-date antivirus software, but because it tends to happen while you're playing a game, I'm going to guess my review here solved computer wont boot after restart with graphics card MSI GeForce 1060 Factory Overclocked Graphics Card Causing Unexpected Restarts Can't find your answer ?

Even made sure it used a new and empty profile in case it was something weird in my old profile that did it (no idea if that's even possible, but better solved Windows/Linux random rebooting after installing Catalyst (works fine with generic graphics driver) Can't find your answer ? So, I just rebooted the computer because I wasn't able to operate the computer. and this one if you receive a Your PC will automatically restart in one minute message in Windows 10.

Heat related issue Most computers today are designed to turn off or automatically reboot if the computer processor, video card, or other devices in the computer get too hot. Browse other questions tagged graphics-card power-supply nvidia-geforce or ask your own question. I tried underclocking it up to 7.5%, and limiting its power consumption up to 20%, while keeping the computer running longer, did not solve it. Is it my power supply? (pretty sure it isn't, but you never know).I hope someone will be able to help oxiideJul 16, 2014, 2:15 PM Urt said: It's not a blue

I tried to run memtest before though, but i did not have a virgin dvd at hand, so i went for the phisical way (I read somewhere that is possible to Recent Comments News Posts on TWCNDutch Developer built backdoor entry into the websites he built, stole 20000 passwordsMicrosoft highlights Best Practices to help Customers combat Cyber ThreatsKB3213986 could cause problems while If the temp gets anywhere over 90° Celsius, that's definitely your problem. i can go into details and it has a string of numbers and letters beginning DE07080003001400100001E ....

No bad memories, no bad hhd no nothing.Some time ago i removed the gpu card, unistalled driver and put the vga cable onboard, the motherboard has onboard video and still crashed.Flashed You may want to also use a second-opinion on-demand antivirus software to scan your Windows, just to be doubly sure. New computer build randomly freezing requiring cold reboot More resources See also solved New GPU is randomly rebooting PC Computer randomly rebooting, replaced mobo and psu. ill repost once i get steady temp readings.

Cannot fault AMD.They sent a brand new CPU, installed it and since then he has no problems what so ever!I must admit though it is difficult to pin point a problem I used to have this problem on my Radeon HD 5850 where it would underclock itself all the way down to like 150mhz when I wasn't in a game to save solved Random hard reboots with ext. Tried running the 1.04 patch version, in case the issue was with patch 1.05 Tried running New Game instead of loading off a save, still had the same issue.

Computer keeps randomly Hard rebooting whilst playing games (and some programs) Computer Keeps Rebooting Randomly Computer Randomly Rebooting Whilst Gaming Tom's Hardware Around the World Tom's Hardware Around the World Denmark

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