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10 CD-R Drives plz help w/custom build

A very bizzare problem with my Samsung DVD-Rom not able to boot disks nor is useable

Acer Aspire 5520 DVD-RW disappeared

Adding another optical drive

Adding another CD Drive

another strange optical drive glitch

Annoying problem with DVD drive not reading some Dvds

Any disc type not recognized by player

BIOS not detecting Internal SATA DVD/CD optical drive

Bios and Windows recognize 2 optical drives

Both HP DVD drives stopped working suddenly

Both my DVD DRIVES are gone

broken dvd-rw?

Burning Is Slow For My External DVD Drive

Burning A DVD/CD over a network

Built-in CD/DVD-RW drive stopped functioning

Can an upgrade driver solve the problem of my old DVD-ROM drive?

Can you replace a DVD Drive on this Laptop

cannot read dvds

Cannot read DVD-R with data content; can read same type DVD-R with video content

Cannot View DVD on my computer (Disk Format message appears)

Can't get New SATA DVD Drives to install

Cant play CDs but can play DVDs fine

Can't read cd dvd's

Can't read DVD/RW

Can't read cd rom please help

Can't see DVD driver in my computers

Can't read and write dvd's

Cd Drive _ Help

CD not being read

CD/DVD drive

CD & DVD Drives Have Disappeared

Cd Drive or Motherboad problem

Can't read or write DVD-r

CD Drive Intermitently disappearing

CD/DVD drive does not read any disks

cd rom drive broken

CD/DVD drives not been picked up

CD/DVD Drives Today

CD-Rom Doesn't Recognize Disc Is Inserted

CD/DVD drive does not read CDs/DVDs


CDrom not detected in BIOS

CD Drive keeps shutting the PC

CD/DVD drive doesn't work

CD rom drive keeps trying to read

CD/DVD drive is not reading any dics

CD-ROM Reading Problems

CD/DVD drive not reading media

CD will not play on laptop

Cd burners won't read anything

CD drives will not get power

CD-RW won't recognize disks

CD/DVD drive gone

CD/DVD Won't Read Discs

Cd-dvd drives

CD/DVD ROM drive wont show up in 'My Computer'

CD/DVD Drive recommendations.

CD/DVD-ROM drive not reading some CDs

CD-ROM won't load

Cd drives don't read cd

CDROM drive will not read?

CD/DVD Slow Down

Cd-rw and dvd not recognised in my computer

Cd/dvd won't work

Cd and DVD drives not seen

cd/dvd drive refusing to read cds

cd/dvd drive disappears

CD-DVD drive won't read an older photo disk

CD Rom disappeared.

CDRW/DVD problem

CD drive not responding / PC very slow performance

Cd/dvd drive always busy

CD/DVD drive not reading discs

CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize anything

CD/DVD Drive won't read any CDs or DVDs

Can't read cd drive

cd/dvd writer drive wont recognize any cd - it does see & play dvd's

CD-RW Drive Not Reading Any Discs

CDRW/DVD Combo problems

CD Drive quits reading disc halfway through installation

Combo Drive won't play DVD's

Compaq deskpro no 2nd HD detect

CD Burners nowadays

Compaq 8000T problems with both DVD drives.reading CD-Rs

Computer is reading my DVD drive as a CD drive

Computer not reading DVD-ROM

Computer stopped recognizing cd dvd drives

Controlling cd/dvd drive speed

D is now my removable CD drive

Dell Combo/DVD+RW Drive with corrupt drivers?

Dell cd rom drive

D: drive issues- not reading any kind of cd

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