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Dell Latitude D600 Won't Boot Unless External Monitor Hooked

The AC adapter light was green but it was blinking. Recently it is having problem with the start button. i have also tried to start under the last known working configuration, and still no luck. Help? useful reference

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Andrew August 14, 2007 | Forgot to mention that I have bought a 2.5″ hard drive caddy to check the hard drive is working. Nothing comes up on the screen or there is no activity (like LED light) at all? Anne June 9, 2009 | Thanks for all your help.

Unusually the thing turns off immediately after pressing the power button i.e. Now, the replacement seems to be going out. then the fan stops… but the power light stays on …… it lets me open the cd drive but wont let me switch off unless i take out the battery…..Plz help!!!!???? Search for the instructions.

a small cloud of smoke came out next to the jack and now it doesn't work at all im sure its a fuse but not sure where could some one help It was off. i ended up switching the polarity by mistake though. Fortunately it still works with an external monitor.

Do you have two memory modules installed? Again, play with memory first. Sometimes, depending on the angle of the lid, the screen wouldn't come on at all. https://www.w7forums.com/threads/switches-from-external-monitor-to-internal-when-lid-lifted.13483/ Dell Latitude C610 Notebook Dell latitude D610.

So, I turned it off manually. I messed with the adapter itself, nothing. Has anyone come across this situation and any ideas what may be wrong with what Im assuming is a system board problem. Member Login Remember Me Forgot your password?

Anyone know if I can fix this without replacing the LCD? http://www.asklaptopfreak.com/laptop-fell-down-not-boot/ It takes hours to create one guide and only a minute to donate. 369 Responses aziz May 9, 2008 | you do a good job. Dell Latitude D610 Notebook Dell loptop wont turn on Take out ur batteries, clean the terminals with spirit or light alcohol, then re-insert it. I would buy a cracked screen of each kind to use for testing if there were just a few different types.

mimmerfy June 27, 2009 | IML Tech, Hi, it has a separate power button board and the quick buttons for email,internet etc. see here The nx models came with 15 or 14 screen and the part numbers are the same, both for nx and nc series screens. are also on that board IML Tech June 29, 2009 | mimmer, The power board and power button board are two different things. Roy June 16, 2009 | I have a problem with my laptop NEO M54G..

Plus the fan control on the D600 is pretty good. Bad AC adapter. I think it's either bad memory module or motherboard failure. http://windowsrefund.org/dell-latitude/dell-latitude-d600-hdd-locked.php it won't turn on..

thanks Asif May 10, 2008 | Thank you for sharing such a nice data, it was usefull information . Is it more likely that the faulty connection is on the motherboard or in the video cable? Thank you, krishna.

You'll have to disassemble the display panel and take a look at the video cable.

It will briefly blink once while pulling out the adapter. I picked it up immediately, and the screen was normal. Thank you in advance for any thoughts. And raising or lower the lid, Windows XP doesn't care (I always have it set to do nothing with the lid switch).

If its a motherboard failure, do you think its repairable? i figured it was a loose connection but replugged everything i could think of. It tells me that most likely you have a problem with the backlight lamp but I cannot be sure without testing the laptop with a known good inverter. Get More Info Be carefull not to cut too deep into the grove.

Emily November 4, 2009 | I have a HP pavilion ze4600. Do you have any idea about what the problem could be? What can be wrong with the laptop? Try reconnecting it.

Does any of this make sense? It seems to happen randomly - the image will fade away to white, sometimes slowly, sometimes more quickly.

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