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61C good temp for Pentium M?

540.filost & lospad.32.c on my PC

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Abnormally high CPU temp

Advice about my computer temperature

AMD Heat Standard

AMD Athlon Barton CPU Gets to over 80C - Cause of computer shutdown?

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Are TheSe TeMps Correct?

Any recommendations for temp monitoring?

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average temp for a pc?

average cpu temperature

Average cpu temp.

Best utility to monitor temps

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BIG cpu temperature problem

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check cpu temp?

checking system temp w\o reboot

Check pcu temp

Checking CPU temp in windows

Computer keeps shutting off -- can hear fan

Computer Temperature

Computer Temp

Cooling Monitor

Core2Duo 1.8 running @ 2.8 can my 7600GT keep up?

CPU heated up to 228 deg C (load)?

Cpu temp reaching 90.C

CPU Temperatures?

CPU Temp Applications.

CPu Decent temp

CPU Temp at 99 celsius

CPU Stuck to Heat Sink - Swapping into new MSI MoBo

CPU temperature

CPU Temperature Too High?

CPU temerature

CPU Temp increases greatly with program load

cpu temps

CPU Temp sensor corruption

CPU/system Temperature?

CPU High Temperature

cpu temp extremely high. need some help

CPU temperature running high?

cpu temp

CPU Temp software.

CPU temp while gaming on laptop

CPU temperatures not detected

CPU temp over 80 C. Need advice.

CPU temp @ 75* C

CPU temperature monitor

cpu tempratures

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CPU Temp Shooting Up

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Cpu temp questions

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