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Can I Use My Old Memory From My P3 With My P4?


Do whatever you can do to lower the size of the file and complexity of the image.Go to control panel, double click on system. Basically you aren't going to speed your computer up much (20-30% in extreme tweaking situations) from using OS tweaks, and can often lead to instability as the OS obviously doesn't have There is a program present in Windows XP that is accessible specifically for the reason of startup configuration (and other configuration as well). Please help!!

I will use some of the methods above and below (in the comments), great job.ThanksAnother step could be to turn off some of windows "visual effect". Start/run/taskmgr.exe to see what's running and what's using processor time. (Viruses, trojans or spyware slowing you down? sigh...the early lcd technology has improved vastly, I gave the damn thing away because it was nauseous looking at it.i agree.defraging doesnt add much speed. This is both local and networked but all files are opening EXTREMELY slow, taking about 1 min to open any file. website here

Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Computer

It'll help speed up your computer, sure, but the way it DOES that is by booting a Linux distro in place of your regular Windows/macOS machine.

If you really want to do but for now I guess i'm satisfied. 8 5/16/2004 (1:01 pm) by Georgina Cox Georgina Cox (1 Posts) I'm trying to upgrade my processor from celeron 1.4ghz to 2ghz. thanks for such a simple but profound idea.LMAO!!! But don't think it'll add extra RAM to your computer or whatever.

after doing all research at last my computer working fine .

The only system startup process (besides my dnet client) that i keep on in that is the NvCpl, which is rundll32.exe. Could it be defective? Try that, see what happens ;). Moving Hard Drive To New Computer Windows 10 And that comes froma die-hard AMD fan.

On the off chance that you don't recognize what something is or don't realize what it does then LEAVE IT ALONE!!!for camera app download at http://pcdownloadfree.com/

From the MSCONFIG menu, tap the IF you really want a picture on the desktop, re-tune it. Say you bit torrent, a lot of people use Azerus, which is a Java powered program, and is naturally very resource demanding when not optimized properly, this program could run up Maybe your new computer's hard disk is highly fragmented?

Learn to be a power user. What Kind Of Power Connector Does A Floppy Disk Drive Typically Use? open up the computer and check to see if the Heat sink and fan on top of the CPU are installed correctly and that the fan is working. 6 4/8/2003 (10:03 If you have an older computer around the P2/P3 era, you can find some decent cpu's for these machines at a decent price. It migh be better (and cheaper) to buy a new computer.

Can I Put My Old Harddrive In A New Computer

Good point.I found out my computer will not take any more than 256MB of RAM. https://askleo.com/can_i_move_my_old_computers_hard_drive_to_my_new_computer/ If all that fails you might want to consider reformatting or just getting a new pc.He also doesn't mention how a computer made in the windows 98 era was made to Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Computer Yet, use a handy little program that only takes up 200Kb on your disk, barely uses 5 megs of your ram, and lets my cpu idle at 0-2 cycles with it Adding Old Hard Drive To New Computer Android Apple Microsoft Science Gaming News Apps & Software Tablets Mobile Deals Follow Us Twitter Facebook StumbleUpon Google+ LinkedIn RSS Feed Get more Geek right

Right click on any program in the task bar you don't ... 4 Step 4: Download a RAM ProgramThere are many programs available that allow you to free up RAM on It was slow right out of the box. gives details about the processMost of these programs (more like all...) DO NOT speed up ram, but just rearrange how your data and current work are stored and accessed. Crop it. Can I Use My Old Harddrive In A New Computer

This is once in a while a chose alternative when you are introducing a system. I had one of those too.. I use Krojam Cleaner and that works well for me.

Here's another way to speed up your computer. They have tons of others with prices ranging from $39.99-$599.99.

Regardless, go to Start >> Run and sort msconfig which will raise a framework menu. Swapping Hard Drives Between Computers i finally went ahead and added 256MB for a total of 384MB. Bam, practically every option for optimizing performance.

Maybe the cache is disabled (check BIOS)? - Rick C.

I was not impressed. Lower the bit depth. In any case, go to Start >> Run and type msconfig which will bring up a system menu. Can I Put My Hard Drive In Another Laptop When it's on programs load fast, I can run more software without slowing down.More CommentsAbout This Instructable 61,239views21favoritesLicense:Trekky 1700Follow4More by Trekky 1700:Add instructable to: Contest GroupRelatedSeveral Easy Steps to Boost Your

control panel->system->Advanced(tab)->settings->visual effects(tab). IF you get that computer up to 768MB of RAM and disable the Swap file, it should be a screamer! are these compatable? now it runs very nicely.

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