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Clock Ratio For Atlhon AMD 2000+?


Now that you understand how to overclock your CPU, let's look at the second part of the CPU. The reason for the memory limitations is mostly based on how the CPU-NB was built by AMD. We can overclock graphic card later and the pci-bus should not be much higher than the standard settings, because it would overclock the sound card, TV card, etc. It often creates a much more stable environment if you do this. More about the author

Make sure that you seperate the backup physically from your normal Hardware. i have two patents in the area of multiple cpu architectures, one involves hardware offload of shared memory buffers (like a buffer co-processor), another for the accelerating of task scheduling in i liken it to when neo realized he was "the one". what this means is that a single wafer could contain a $100 celeron and a $600 p4 ee. http://www.ocinside.de/workshop_en/amd_socketa_overclock/

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But the general idea is that the FSB of your CPU will determine the speed of your RAM. OC:  215 * 14 = 3010 MHz For this next example I will take a Phenom II 940 BE CPU and overclock it. for a pc running audio software - throwing round vast quantities of data as well as having to do a lot of floating point dsp as fast as possible - are

So isntead of 8-8-8-22-30, you can try 7-7-7-27-27.Performance gains from overclocking goes as follows: CPU (better performance is gained fastest as the the CPU freq raises) NB (better performance is gained Dec 18, 2005 #16 Ha11 TS Rookie My 1800+ hidden potentials In my 3rd rig I got my 1800+ tb but its pretty old now. That's all I could get with the AK31 shuttle motherboard, pc2100 memory, and 1800+ athlon palomino cpu. Amd Athlon Xp Socket Also try to increase the "VDIMM" (memory voltage) to get better memory overclocking results.


I would first try to increase the Voltage before exploring the other two problems. Athlon Xp Barton The FSB frequency also affects the CPU-NB and HTT. In order to overclock your computer, most people would simply increase the FSB because the CPU is typically multiplier locked. Ask a new question Read More CPUs BIOS Motherboards Overclocking Related Resources solved AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400B Bottleneck GTX 650? look at this site By all means you should think about looking at the CPU-NB each and every time when trying to push for a different CPU Frequency.

Alle Ausgaben durchsuchenDiese Zeitschrift als Leseprobe anzeigen » Alle Ausgaben durchsuchen19902000 Jan. 2000Febr. 2000März 2000Apr. 2000Mai 2000Juni 2000Juli 2000Aug. 2000Sept. 2000Herbst 2000Okt. 2000Nov. 2000Dez. 2000Jan. 2001Febr. 2001März 2001Apr. 2001Mai 2001Juni 2001Juli Amd Athlon Xp 2400+ I repeat that the processor has to be cooled very good and the higher frequency will also increase the temperature. Your first option is to raise the CPU Voltage. Best used to see if your computer can handle some benchmarks before shutting down.

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For example if my stock speed is 3.0 GHz which is 15 multi and 200 FSB, when I get to 210 FSB my multi should be 14.5. Overprovisioning REMOVED The biggest feature removed is... Athlon Xp 3200+ Search for: Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Overclockers Home Forums Reviews Cooling Memory Motherboards Processors System & Components Video Cards News Cooling Memory Motherboards Processors System Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ Voltage may be added to the CPU-NB to help. • Freeze Ups: This may be caused by overheating of the CPU or could be a precursor to BSOD.

You will increase the FSB by a factor of 10 then by a factor of 5 after that. mobo = epox ep-8khal gfx = geforce 3 ti 200 memory: 512mb pc2100 May 1, 2006 #21 Ha11 TS Rookie timothyw9 said: i have a thoroughbred socket a (0.13micron) amd it helps to escape yellow lights and to break in the line or pass others if you're late for work, and need to get there asap. in reality, a is broken out into stages i'll call "dot-units," such as a.1, a.2, a.3, a.4, and so on. Amd Athlon Xp 2800+

Utwig Ars Praefectus Registered: May 16, 2001Posts: 5612 Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2003 2:46 pm Correction: There are 266MHz FSB Thoroughbreds from 1400-2133MHz Martin Levac Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Apr 27, a cpu is much more than the clock speed it runs at. Please note now that you will probably not be operating on a daily basis at the speeds you will see. click site These are situations at which your CPU may be able to run at Y Voltage.

Please use Table 3 and Table 4 for more information on what CPU-NB frequency and Voltage you should be at. Athlon Xp 2600+ For beginners, I suggest that you read everything before acting. It tends to work better.

even though the intel chip is going faster in mhz, it is doing less work per clock cycle.

I have read your guide and it was easy to read and yet very thorough and brought me up to speed about many things I never much considered while building PC's. Also, make sure you have the most advanced options clicked in your BIOS to allow you to control options in the smallest increments possible. Although, the reason behind that error could be caused by RAM or CPU-NB, but for now we will consider this as a theoretical max. Amd Athlon Xp 2200+ It only cares about how much voltage you are giving it, and how cold it is.

Lower numbers are better when talking about latencies. With  the speeds increasing for memory, it is normal that latency increases for stability purposes. They will go in order 800, 1066, 1333, and 1600. In order to overclock the CPU, raise ref clock by 10Mhz. Try setting your RAM ratio a bit lower to find the stable limit of your CPU.

Open CPUz, go to the SPD tab and write down on paper the values for different clocks. nothing outside has changed, and copies of those old programs haven't changed; but it's the internal workings of the cpu that make the difference. Thats what I was afraid of. there are logic units, caches, registers, pathways, and hundreds and thousands of other discrete things.

By using this website you agree, that we use cookies (see privacy page).X Copyright 1999-2017 by www.ocinside.de - All rights reserved. The temperature is not only read with the socket sensor under the CPU (external CPU temp), mostly there's also another sensor inside of your CPU core (internal CPU temp). You should think of the CPU-NB as the wing man, hooking up the CPU with the memory. Yes.

Am I right to believe that I could run pc2700 memory and clock the fsb at 166 with a smaller multiplier?Click to expand... I got 1650 Mhz out of mine from 1533 stock. it is surprising how much water (wet, liquid stuff) one can move on a 100 person bucket brigade - by stopping all those feet from moving around. i am a developer and have writen code, specifically speech apps and voice recognition (using sapi5.1), that have drastic running differences depending on the proc type of the machine it runs

In most cases, you will not need to exceed 2.4v on DDR2, and no more than 2.1v on DDR3.  Please make sure to research this before taking my word though.

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