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Can't Get 1.8Ghz Of Athlon Xp 1800+


they want us out, and i don't blame em.suppose you had american troops sitting in your back yard. I'd say that's pretty humble/realistic, since it beats the P4 2.0ghz in the majority of benchmarks. fishbert, you are a schmuck. They're saying "Hey, X AMD MHz are just as good as Y Intel MHz, and therefore we'll call our chip the AMD AthlonXP X+" That's not nice marketing. http://windowsrefund.org/athlon-xp/athlon-xp-1800-and-k7s5a-pro-problems.php

For you lie to much. Jesus my eyes are bugging out in pain. I just ordered, well first i built, then ordered my new system with the athlonxp 1800+, i cant wait. Remember also, that monitoring software and the power off BIOS calls take time, and there is also a delay between the power off bit on the MB being toggled and the

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The system you said referred to from DELL sounds good but it's probably not. And Intel pathways are not cheaper either. Those synthetic benchmarks are often not equivalent to real-world performance. Close binspamdupenotthebestofftopicslownewsdaystalestupid freshfunnyinsightfulinterestingmaybe offtopicflamebaittrollredundantoverrated insightfulinterestinginformativefunnyunderrated descriptive typodupeerror Check out the new SourceForge HTML5 internet speed test! No Flash necessary and runs on all devices. × 1389941 story AthlonXP Released 372 Posted

If suddenly Intel took the lead, which it has in some things btw, will AMD vamp down its "ratings" to reflect comparative performance? I am claiming its lame and wrong. The situation is completely the same as in the Quake III. Athlon Xp 2000+ another dumb pup.

Posted on 2004-03-21 16:51:43 TheMattrix There are non-VIA chipsets for Athlons. Read your manual or google to find out how to change multiplier/FSB/what ever else. Conclusion Well, the race keeps on, prices are falling down which is very beneficial for us, users. the many many pipeline stages are there mainly because it allows for expansion.

Threaded, chronologicalComment threads started first appear at the top. Athlon Xp 2600+ Or you can look on the actual chip for the DxT3C code. My System (13 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMAMD Phenom II X3 720 @ 3.6 GHzGigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4PGigabyte 4870 1 GB2x2GB If you have an Alpha board you might as well stick Alpha CPUs in it... Welcome to FUD.

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Its not right. http://ixbtlabs.com/articles/athlonxp1800/ They are disallowing anyone from displaying the MHz - they are suprressing it on the hardware level - forbidding people to speak about it! Amd Athlon Xp 3200+ I stopped using Intel processors a while ago, after learning that AMD's chip architecture was superior to Intel's, the choice was obvious. Amd Athlon Xp Socket no, george bush has been a very bad leader in the past month.

Neither AMD or Intel's number tells the whole story-- no single number is able to do that. navigate to this website AMD just wants to convince everybody why, on seeing a frequency value of a P4, it is necessary to halve it :) Drawing a conclusion Of course, this rating will definitely for exaple; an intell chip running at say 3.2mh will burn you about $400(canadaian) So that is equal to an XP3200 with is about $300 (canadaian) BBBBBBUUUUUTTTTTTT with a bit of Besides, there is a CD with drivers and a modest set of freeware programs, among which are Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05, Norton Antivirus 2001, PCCillin 2000 and Norton Ghost 6.03. Amd Athlon Xp Processor

If he insists on getting a P4, let him buy a P4. Which is why HT was made to keep the pipelines full. AthlonXP Released More Login AthlonXP Released Archived Discussion Load All Comments Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea Score: 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 More Login Nickname: Password: Public Terminal Forgot More about the author Hopefully there'll be a VIA KT333 chipset and also hopefully the Athlon 'Barton' (0.13micron Athlon platform) will have a 333mHz DDR FSB to mate to it.

And let me start with the applications where the "rating" performance of the Athlon XP can be estimated: Business applications: Business Winstone 2001 SYSmark 2001 Office Productivity Graphics and multimedia: Content Amd Athlon Xp 3000+ I believe this to be a very good move for Intel, because it puts them into a market that they should have been in all along! Re:Model Numbers (Score:2) by Quikah ( 14419 ) writes: The problem with this is that the LARGE majority of users out there do not run applications that would match the SPEC

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more than one) clock cycles to do so. set, and a complete Intel SSE support (unfortunately, only the first SSE). I admit there were some problems with KT133A and the Athlon XP but that's nothing. Athlon Xp-m Hardware data prefetchThe Athlon XP uses a mechanism of preliminary loading of instructions into the L1 cache.

CPU speed = front side bus (FSB) x multiplier. However, too much heat will cause you to go unstable. i can upgrade my current tbird to the clawhammer or whatever without motherboard changes when it comes out. click site A standard box houses a 80-page installation manual, a manual on the IDE Raid controller, 2 ATA66/100 and a FDD cables, 2 brackets with two USB ports each for the rear

sound familiar, say like the revolutionary war when the british army was sleepin in our houses. out ahtlon process works like a computer running at 1800 mhz. We don't charge any labor fees for any system we build, so the fact that liquid cooling takes 3x as long to set up is our problem! Sure it doesnt mean anything really, but its an actual measurable number.

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